Metaphysic of anthropotheism in genealogy of Nazi-supermans-mythology (on materials of Heidegger’s analysis of Nietzsche’s ethics)

  • Je. V. Rahmaylov Zhytomyr State University named after I. Frank
Keywords: fascism, superman mythology, social ontology, antropotheism


Heidegger is talking about the great shift in consciousness when the change rationalistic and scientistic interpretation of ideas and orientations ‘s a myth. Man is no longer a personality, it lost its uniqueness, which is determined by many factors. It has become a « typical image « feature of sociality, and her personal philosophy and beliefs dissolved in slogans and mass initiatives.National Socialism altered the traditional culture of Germany, while keeping the background in a social ontology neometafizyk and neomifologie , which was justified by the idea of identity and new challenges European humanity, the answers to which was given by the Germany. Understanding these challenges occurred in the social metaphysics and ontology of Heidegger, who level ekzistenzial concept made renaissance basic myths of Scandinavian culture that have become fundamental to the Nazi ideology in Germany. So peculiar merit of Heidegger is laying the ideological foundations of social metaphysics and ontology for social base of fascism myths that form the basis of National Socialist ideology, holding, while a prominent place in the mythology of National Socialism. It is clear in the analysis of Heidegger European nihilism through Nietzsches interpretation Ethics relationship of socio­political mythology of fascism with the classic Germanic­Scandinavian myth as an attempt to revival of Aryan paganism national values in line antropotheism.

Author Biography

Je. V. Rahmaylov, Zhytomyr State University named after I. Frank


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