Dialectics of actual infinity and unconditional existence as the basis of ontological consistency of consciousness

  • B. I. Molodtsov University of Luhansk
Keywords: infinite grandeur of being, being hidden, direct experience of consciousness, reflective experience


This article examines the question of the ontological consistency of a human ability to be overwhelmed with grandeur in the absence of something really great. Experience of such overwhelming was the subject of research of such ontology philosophers as Heidegger and Mih.A. Lifshitz. The purpose of the study is to refer to the legacy of these philosophers, to identify the features of different ways awareness of consciousness by infinite greatness of being.During the study, the author considers it possible to conclude that because for Heidegger union with the grandeur of being carried out in direct pre­reflexive experience of  person’s mind, by virtue of this directness experience of consciousness is not susceptive for relations that available in being, and therefore not able to express all existing vicariously. Because of this limited appeal to greatness in the direct experience of consciousness can only be implemented as updating hidden, i. e. mediation. Therefore, the infinite greatness of being opens such experiences through mediation – by referring to the one in existence that as concealed accompanies all open. It turns out that actualizing being that exist as possible minds are not filled with the grandeur of an infinite being, but only conveys for what is already in existence, along with the existing ones. For this reason, in the pre­reflexive experience filling of consciousness by grandeur of being rendered ontologically untenable.Only consciousness supposed attitude to that exists directly, is able to recognize directly given in his infinite regard to everything else in being and filled with grandeur produced designs. Thus only through the experience of reflection ability of consciousness to be filled with greatness of being gains ontological consistency. This approach develops ontognoseologii Mih.A. Lifshitz. 

Author Biography

B. I. Molodtsov, University of Luhansk
PhD, Associate Professor


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