Chronotоpical mechanisms of management for development of society

  • O. M. Коrh Academy of Customs Service of Ukraine
  • A. V. Reshetnichenko Academy of Customs Service of Ukraine
Keywords: subject of society, level of development, structure of development, chronotope, force of influen­ce, level of right, management, self­government


A concept «chronotope» is practically unknown and in the system of administrative activity examined never. Authors in the brought research over expose nature of «chronotope» as spatially is a sentinel continuum of organization of existence. The main task of research consists in opening of structure, manner and matter of social хронотопів. Due to this хронотопи will become capable qualitatively to promote efficiency of state administration and local self­governmentThe brought materials over of research allowed to the authors to distinguish five qualitatively excellent types of хронотопів, form and maintenance of that was determined by the corresponding level of development of society. Yes, to the higher types хронотопів authors took універсумні and topological mechanisms of organization of space and time. A form, structure and maintenance of these хронотопів, is determined accordingly by nuclear (higher) and by the сателітними levels of development of subjects of existence.The middle level of development of subjects of social existence authors examine as a system of маргінальних processes of regulation of activity that products shaky chronotope with the situatioonal forms of influence. The «ballast» and «deviants» levels of development are distinguished by authors behave to more subzero and most subzero forms of regulation of activity. Yes, ballast structures form burdensome chronotope with the antipathetic forms of influence. To the most low levels peculiar in general impermissible types of chronotope with the extremely degenerated forms of influence.At the same time it was succeeded to distinguish a structural structure authors both each of types of chronotope and each of levels of development of subjects of society. So, for example, the structure of universum chronotope stipulate vanguard, elite and perspective levels of nuclear levels of development of subjects of society, that, in turn, product the transitive, creative  and innovative types of chronotope. As for the deviants levels of development, then the structure of impermissible chronotope opens up the unlawful and anomalous mechanisms of management processes declinedOn the basis of row of personally conducted theoretically ­ empiric full scale  and sounding expertly ­ analytical researches to the authors it was succeeded to expose the mechanisms of quota each of types of chronotope in the general model of levels of development of subjects of social existence. Coming from principle of the «gold crossing», authors consider that shaky chronotope with situatioonal forces of influence peculiar 68% carriers of marginal levels of development of society. As for the higher and more subzero types of chronotope, then each of them it belong to 16% representatives of nuclear, satelite, and also ballast and deviant levels of development

Author Biographies

O. M. Коrh, Academy of Customs Service of Ukraine
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor
A. V. Reshetnichenko, Academy of Customs Service of Ukraine
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor


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