Trade unions in Eastern Galicia in the years of the great war and post-war reconstruction

  • R. Ja. Berest Lviv Institute of Economy and Tourism
  • I. R. Berest Lviv National Agrarian University
Keywords: trade Union, work, war, Eastern Galicia, movement, association


On the basis of written sources analyzed the activity of the leading Ukrainian trade unions of Eastern Galicia in the First world war. Listed on the new,  not yet known moments in the history of trade unions, outlined the current state and prospects of scientific research. In particular, studied the role of the Union of Ukrainian private officials of Galicia. Attention is focused on the creation of an independent Ukrainian trade Union organizations in the period of activity of the West Ukrainian National Republic. Not all evolved positively. Polish­Ukrainian war which Galicia, has aggravated the inter­ethnic contradictions. During the war the activities of the national trade unions and their attempts democratic development was almost unreal. Most of the workers trade Union organizations ceased to exist, many Ukrainians were in the ranks of the Ukrainian citizen army. Fleeing persecution, repression, danger, and distress, a lot of Galician unionists hit in the General wave of emigration. In the end, the period and after the First world war, the Ukrainian trade Union movement on the territory of Western Ukraine presents a number of organizations of different political tendencies. A significant part of them has been resolved, and some banned by the Polish authorities. Many trade Union organizations of Galicia came under strong influence of the left (Communist) ideas.

Author Biographies

R. Ja. Berest, Lviv Institute of Economy and Tourism
acting professor
I. R. Berest, Lviv National Agrarian University


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