Lobbying act of Canada: preconditions and stages of enactment

  • A. V. Trofymenko Mariupol State University
Keywords: lobbyism, lobbying, Lobbying Act, Lobbyists Code of Conduct, Sponsorship Scandal, Registrar, registration system, Federal Accountability Act


In the present article the author has examined experience of Canada in legal regulation of lobbyism, its transformation to formal political institute, which is integral part of social and political processes and important regulation mechanism of social life. The author has distinguished main preconditions, which in 1960s had leaded to actualization of issue of enactment of lobbying act in Canada. They are presence of lobbying de­facto out of legal framework of the state, experience in lobbying legislation of the USA, the closest political and trade partner of Canada. Main attention has been drawn to «democratic deficit» and public demand to develop transparent regulated system of interaction between government and members of the public.In the present study process of enactment and reformation of legal basis for lobbying in Canada has been considered. The author has divided this process into three stages. The first stage includes development and enactment of Lobbyists Registration Act. The second one is connected with widening of legal base through enactment of amendments and additions to the Act, as well as with legal regulation of lobbying on the level of provinces and cities. The third stage covers scale reformation of legal acts regarding lobbying and enactment of Canadian Lobbying Act. Obligations and status of lobbying supervision body has been also changed along with the Lobbying Act. Office of Registrar, founded in 1989, has been transformed to independent agent of the Parliament of Canada. In its turn, Lobbyists Registration Office has been transformed to independent body of state power.

Author Biography

A. V. Trofymenko, Mariupol State University


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