Activation problem youth participation in youth social movement

  • O. V. Voloshin Kherson State University
Keywords: youth movement, topicality, functions, problems, attraction, activity, socialization, forms


This paper deals with the problems creating a systematic, effective youth movement in modern Ukraine. Draws a parallel with the historical genesis of youth social movements of the Soviet Union and identifies the causes by which modern youth movements have not acquired sufficient popularity. An author’s vision of the priority tasks of modern social forms, functions and tasks of such movements and a logic capable of solving problems updating these movements among youth are proposed. It is noted that the main activities of youth organizations should be aimed at organizing content processes to ensure the life of a young man self. It is reported that the most urgent areas of mainstreaming modern youth movement is a social, professional and economic spheres. It is noted that the actual social problems of modern youth movement should be an adaptation of the young man to adult life, enabling to interiorization and socialization socially desirable norms and practices. Emphasized on the advisability of a youth movement in support of the peace as the most universal and the one that is most relevant to modern social needs.

Author Biography

O. V. Voloshin, Kherson State University
Senior Lecturer


Ob ustave VLKSM (On the Statute of the Komsomol). Vsesoyuznyiy sbor uchaschihsya komsomoltsev / Mode of access:

Uchast molodi v suspilnomu zhytti: dosvid, mozhlyvosti, bariery : shchorichna dopovid Prezydentu Ukrainy, Verkhovnii Radi Ukrainy, kabinetu Ministriv Ukrainy pro stanovyshche molodi v Ukraini (za pidsumkamy 2011 roku) (Participation of young people in public life: experience, capabilities, barriers annual report to the President of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the situation of youth in Ukraine (in 2011). Ministerstvo osvity i nauky, molodi ta sportu Ukrainy, Derzhavna sluzhba molodi ta sportu Ukrainy. K.:, 2012. 222 р. Р. 141

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