Optional research methods in ethnosociology of religion

  • I. V. Kryachko Institute of Sociology, Psychology and Social Communication of the National Pedagogical University named after MP Dragomanova
Keywords: deconstruction, evaluation, ethnosociology, ethnosociology of religion, fractionalization, method, religion, system, structure, sociology


The paper deals with an attempt to explicate the optional methods of research in the ethnosociology of religion. Ethnosociology of religion may be regarded as an integrative construct, which is builded on the theoretical and methodological basis of sociology, sociology of religion, and ethnosociology. One of the main aims of the ethnosociology of religion it is expedient to consider the investigation of the interaction of ethnic and religious through the identification, study and research of ethnic in religious and religious in ethnic using the sociological methods, technologies and tools. A part of the modern scientific resources linked with the research methodology in sociology, sociology of religion and ethnosociology is analyzed, as well as an optional system of methods of the ethnosociology of religion in the multiparadigmal context is proposed. The system of methodological profile of the ethnosociology of religion as an optional field of sociology may include the following structural elements: methods of analysis of written resources, historical documents and statistical data, the method of content­analysis, interview method, the method of expert estimates, the method of the questionnaire, the method of observation, the method of the experiment, the method of comparative analysis, the method of «filter», the snowball method, the method of selection of respondents by indirect signs, the method ethnic fractionalization, the method of religious fractionalization, the method of cultural fractionalization, the method of ethnoreligious fractionalization, the method of socioevaluation, the method of ethnoreligious socioevaluation, the technology of deconstruction.

Author Biography

I. V. Kryachko, Institute of Sociology, Psychology and Social Communication of the National Pedagogical University named after MP Dragomanova
PhD in Sociology, Associate Professor


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