Philosophical conception of music in O. Losev’s works

  • O. O. Karpenko Donbas state pedagogical university Address: 19, General Batiuk Str., Sloviansk, 84116, Ukraine
Keywords: philosophy of music, music, number, dialectic, myth, art, phenomenon


O. Losev’s philosophical views should be analized as a whole system, which is his conception of philosophy of music. Going beyond strictly musicological dimension of theory and philosophical dogmatism, O. Losev attempted to grasp the multidimensionality of music and sound, considering various aspects of life of music itself as symbolic expression to the doctrine of the harmony of spheres. The basis of music as an art of time is becoming, which is a constant rise and fall together, so music is a continuous turnover, on the one hand, and the tension and explosiveness on the other. Being in the music is a synthesis of unity and conscious and unconscious, cognitive and objective. Music is a unique phenomenon, an ideal substance, it is time in which there is a number that permeates the universe and human existence. The research reveals that syncretic nature of understanding the phenomenon of music in the work of O. Losev was defined by temporal ontology of music. Music opposition has directed her mind as she seeks to fill the intentionality of consciousness. O. Losev tried to find the true form of dialectics, understanding where music reached to the level of the music thinking. Philosophic-musical intelligence of the outstanding Russian thinker O. Losev has a wide range - from diary notes to fundamental works - and deserve close attention and careful study. The philosopher's views of the thinker on music form in a holistic system, which is a philosophical concept of music by O. Losev. O. Losev attempts to comprehend the multidimensionality of the musical and audio space, considering the various aspects of the existence of music from the symbolic expression of himself to the doctrine of the harmony of the spheres, going beyond the limits of the musicological plane, full of terms, biographical facts and full of dogmatism. In the works of O. Losev, we find reflections on the nature of the existence of music, the meaning of the existence of music in the world of people and an attempt to justify the phenomenon of music. The philosopher looks at music from different angles of view, from the standpoint of various philosophical traditions: the musical and mathematical harmony of the Platonic-Pythagorean concept of numbers, the dam's theory of time, the damn development of numbers, the Hegelian absolute music, the Schopenhauer World Will, the Nietzsche's interpretation of the Apollonian and the Dionysian, Frankivsk interpretation of the number, Soloviev doctrine of unity, etc.


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Author Biography

O. O. Karpenko, Donbas state pedagogical university Address: 19, General Batiuk Str., Sloviansk, 84116, Ukraine


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