Theoretical-methodological basis of network forms of governance implementation in regional education space

  • O. O. Kolesnik Dnipropetrovsk Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education
Keywords: network, education, network management, philosophy of education


The combination of the principles of self­education network with specific forms of network management by public authorities seems the only possible alternative to the further development educational networks by virtue of the inability to use standard forms of regulation and control and the need to enhance the socio­cultural mechanisms of self­regulation in it. Today, the Internet along with other means of communication not only provides the formation of educational networks, and the operation of institutional management. Given the low efficiency of the administrative and legal regulation of network educational environment, more attention should be paid to specific forms of deployment of its self­governing capacity. In this context, the fore Exiting the regional level management education network, where the interaction of actors is quite personalized and predictable. The implementation of a network management paradigm of education at the regional level most appropriate to carry out in the form of certain projects. With the establishment of a network of educational system changes not requiring partial modifications in the administration of industry and their organization is quite new and emerging areas of their activities. The principal characteristic of the introduction of network forms of governance lies precisely in the fact that in the system of education initiatives are born, whose development can change it.

Author Biography

O. O. Kolesnik, Dnipropetrovsk Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education


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