A review of the political situation in Eastern Galicia at the time appearance and operation of trade unions

  • I. R. Berest Lviv National Agrarian University
Keywords: workers, trade unions, the Austrian authorities, Eastern Galicia, reforms, movement, the government


Discusses the political situation in the society of Eastern Galicia last quarter of XVIII­XIX centuries, which gave the economic push and social background and working organizations for the purpose of its existence, put the problem of social protection of workers, which became a basis of formation of the first trade unions in the Ukrainian lands. On the basis of the documents given to the assessment of the reform of the Austrian Imperial house, contributing to the emergence and development of new trade unions, and the emergence of the Galician elite that his actions contributed to the formation of the intellectuals in the middle of the XIX century. Ukrainian national movement grows from cultural to political. Awareness of own goals and self­sufficiency dictated Ukrainian leaders the need to develop self, separate from the Polish influence the course. At the same time, the limited capacity of the Ukrainian elite and its social base has not yet been possible to establish a permanent representative body, who defended the interests of Ukrainians in Galicia. In General, the existing system of international relations found its clear expression in many areas of public and political life, including in the working environment, which had a crucial influence on the formation of trade unions, at the same time, defined the strategy and tactics of political forces in the political life, the integral part of which, undoubtedly, there were trade unions.

Author Biography

I. R. Berest, Lviv National Agrarian University


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