Network management paradigm in education as a component of information society

  • O. O. Kolesnic Dnipropetrovsk Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education
Keywords: network management paradigm, information society, philosophy of education


Network organization has always existed, but that today information technologies create the material basis for the penetration of this type of structure in all areas. This allows to interpret the formation of a network management paradigm as one of the innovative processes of information society . The effects on the development of the virtual environment in the form of a network society leads to the fact that traditional forms of management education change it its own characteristics and there are conditions for the effective use of new forms of governance, it is connected with the network nature of education as a space object management. In practice, the process of modernization of the existing network of educational institutions and organizations that generally means use of information technology and the significant decline in the share of traditional hierarchical forms of control by increasing the share of collective polyarchical forms. Today, the introduction of a network management paradigm of education is performed primarily as a stochastic process of entering educational institutions in the space of network society. The main methodological shortcomings of network management in education is the lack of understanding of its specificity in the context of providing social impact of educational activities. Promising area of implementation of network management in education is the use of targeted management practices that focus on the development of very specific forms of network co­operation in education.


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Author Biography

O. O. Kolesnic, Dnipropetrovsk Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education


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