Features of commercialization in system of higher education in the United States of America

  • M. V. Klyov National Aviation University
Keywords: commercialization, neoliberal university, commodification, the American model of higher education, ideology, market


This article analyzes the nature and features of the commercialization of the education system in the United States.Attention is focused on conducting the comprehensive analysis of the American education system and to underlining a number of special characteristics. Paying attention to this, neoliberalism is seen as a trend in the education system and neoliberal university, based on a market economy with exchange of goods, known as knowledge. In addition, the article gives a sociological a analysis of the basic structural units, market demand, the role of lecturers and students, which are the consumers of education. The author uses the historical method for the analysis of commercialization, beginning from the appearance of the first private university to the neoliberalism and neoliberal university, and modern consumer society. The paper analyses the works of leading theorists of USA society, and based on this, the author concludes that it is doubtful that universities have been democratic institutes for altruistic purposes. And, undoubtedly, due to neoliberalism, changes are not of a fundamental nature and don’t provide the complete transformation as the university in society. Therefore, the article states that the neoliberal university has a new scope and extent of profit, corporate objectives, educational policy and ideological beliefs, but there is no case as the structural entity which radically restricting the system of of higher education in the United States.

Author Biography

M. V. Klyov, National Aviation University


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