The bipolarity of ukraine is a factor of unity the ukrainian people

  • Ju. V. Litoshenko Chernihiv National Technological University
Keywords: bipolarity, unity, national unity, ethnic and territorial unity, consolidation, nation, federalization, decentralization, subsidiarity


For many years, the low level of consolidation of the Ukrainian people significantly reduces the development of both the state and nation in particular. The main reasons determining violations ethnoterritorial and national unity of Ukrainian scientists include: ethnic, regional, mental, cultural, and other factors. One of the most important tasks of transformation processes in Ukraine is the consolidation of the Ukrainian society, preservation of territorial integrity, strengthening of the unity of its regions. Now more than ever, the question to find ways to preserve the unity of the country, through choosing the best form of government and the implementation of effective administrative­territorial reform.This article is devoted to the study of the specific political, social and cultural situation in the state, the problem of regional polarization, which is a manifestation of the difference of value expectancy, evaluation of the past, identity, philosophy, language, and threatens the integrity and sovereignty of the state.The article analyses the main reasons, which determine violations ethnoterritorial and national unity of Ukraine and ways of consolidation of the Ukrainian nation. According to the author for overcoming the problems of development of the Ukrainian society needs a new legal framework. Ukraine surprise urinogenital ethno­socio­cultural differences of its regions. So do not try one model of life for all. It is the relevance of the Ukrainian law given dvuhmestnoe people will finally allow to create conditions for the construction of a United Ukraine.


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Author Biography

Ju. V. Litoshenko, Chernihiv National Technological University


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