Effect of creativity on overcoming the person`s existential crisis

  • V. S. Grekova National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine
Keywords: existential crisis, crisis situations, existence, creation, creative uniqueness


In this article author analyzes the existential crisis as a factor in the formation of personality and position in life how to overcome it, including creativity as one of the main methods and ways of experiencing. For definition of the term existential crisis as reviewed existing literature in modern philosophical interpretation. The author gives methodological research concept of existential crisis and the crisis in general, are considered milestones person experiences the «boundary situations».The existential crisis of identity is seen as a turning point in human life path. Substantiates the view that it may contribute to the formation of a new system of human relations to different sides of his life, culture and society, based on their own conscious choice «causality» in life, creative attitude towards yourself and your life. The phenomenon of creativity as an option to overcome the existential crisis of identity. We prove that creativity is a social and cultural phenomenon that is focused basically on something new and expressing the present culture. Creativity is a special quality activities peculiar to man as a social being and promotes change and development in all spheres of public life and undoubtedly overcomes various crisis conditions and situations that pose basic questions of human existence and the meaning of its relationships with the outside world.The problem of the modern study of the impact of creativity to overcome existential crisis and subsequent mapping of human existential experiences in her creative life position is relevant to the subject of scientific research.

Author Biography

V. S. Grekova, National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine


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