The use of socio-communication technologies in the process of popularization of sports practices

  • A. N. Batuk Kryvyi Rih National University
Keywords: intensification, attracting and informing, reporting, public relations, advertising, target audience, the practice of health, physical activity


The paper analyzes possible approaches to promotion of sports practice in social environment. Offered cases the appropriate use of those or other means of conveying information messages. As major factors of proposed to use public relations and advertising. Also considered feasible the types of information carriers for various representatives of the target audience.Accordingly ­ the use of popularization of sports and health practices without providing socio­psychological and information support of the respective process can lead to principal negative consequences (results). Therefore there is a need in using social media tools.For successful implementation of the tasks used not one, but several information collection methods. The question on expediency of one or the other method depends The implementation of each of the offered directions requires development (adaptation) of a specific socio­technological approaches (methods) and on the basis of a Toolkit for the successful implementation of specific social technologists on the specific characteristics of the object of research.


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Author Biography

A. N. Batuk, Kryvyi Rih National University
PhD in Sociology


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