Katerynoslav is the scientific archived commission and collections of writing sights

  • K. O. Telezhnyak Dnipropetrovsk national historical museum named after D.I. Yavornytski
Keywords: the collection, collecting, the literature, archive, complex of sources, commission, history of region, Katerynoslav


The article is devoted to the history of collecting literature on Katerynoslavschina at the end of XIX – beginning of XX century. The collecting had become part and parcel of the scientific and cultural life of Katerynoslav region. This dissertafien preseuts specificity of development of the history of the history of writing sources’ collecting in Katerynoslav region, general tendencies and pecuhiarities of the forming process of Katerynoslav collecting enviroment and motives and couditions of local collecting activity in the region. The analysis allows to specify characteristics of regional historiographic enviroment.Methodology this study is based on a general scientific principles (historian, objectivity, scientific), and the historical and scientific methods (historical­genetic, historical and typological, historical and comparative, chronological), which allowed show causation in the process of collecting and contributed to the creation of a logical scheme of periodization as historiography, and investigated the phenomenon.The scientific value of Katerynoslav of the scientific archived commission is marked in the article, that was instrumental in forming of a deserving spring base for science with a variety of issues and indicated that collecting as a practice was a creature of his time and contributed to the development of science, education. The scientific archived commissions were semi­official establishments. They executed the functions of local historical societies simultaneously. Collective activity of members of Commission was very fruitful. It influenced on maintenance of unique complexes of writing sources. It is necessary to mark selfless activity each to the member of Commission. People that enter in the complement of Commission became the business connoisseurs. Local researchers gradually from amateurs became professionals. Them active work was instrumental in awakening of the personal interest at local wide public to historical science and native edge.

Author Biography

K. O. Telezhnyak, Dnipropetrovsk national historical museum named after D.I. Yavornytski
senior research fellow


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