The basic tendencies and stages of reforming of federalism in modern Germany

  • O. A. Mayor Uzhhorod national university
Keywords: Germany, federalism, federal reform, Bundesrat, political system, federal lands


The given article is devoted to the problem of reforming of the federal system in the united Germany. The perspective tendencies of reforming are touched upon: the reforming of the territorial structure; the reform of competence between the federation and federal lands; the role of the Bundesrat in federal law system etc. The stages of reforming of the federal law system are defined, the constitutional changes of 2006 and 2009 are characterized, the political context of reforms is dealt with. The main structural problems as well as the disfunctions in the system of German federalism are analyzed, as they became apparent before and after the process of uniting Germany. Special attention is paid to the results and assessment of federal reforms of 2006­2009. The idea of federal relations itself needed revision, as under the creation of the German Federation in the mid 20th century the vertical distribution of powers was not considered to be first priority task. The main goal was non­admission of usurpation of power, as the sad experience of the Weimar Republic showed it, as well as the balance between state power branches, equality and links between federal lands. Since the formation of the Federal Republic of Germany though for positive purposes the tendencies of centralization and unification have been growing. Several factors influenced the necessity of reforming of the German federalism, both internal (uniting of German lands, problems of state management, financial and economic problems) and external (European integration).The author makes the conclusion about the adequate transformation of the federal system of the FRG for insuring of its own efficiency and capacity to function. 

Author Biography

O. A. Mayor, Uzhhorod national university


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