Content and value for concepts of «government coup», «military coup» and a «political coup»

  • O. V. Mezhenskaya Luhansk Taras Shevchenko national university
Keywords: military coup, government coup, political upheaval, political activism, political process, government


Problems of illegitimate acquiring or changing government domination have always been in terms of philosophers’ and scientists’attention for long periods.In today’s world the phenomenon of revolution in the country fully associated with the process of obtaining political power.Usually coups are intended for external effects, their political color and specific climate always cause interestand are commented by all the media.Being discussed by the public the government coups as an illegitimate way of coming to power, requires strict interpretation and reasonable conceptual definition that allowssignificantly assess the political processes in society.The aim of this article is to review and to analyze the concept of ‘military coup’, ‘government coup’ and ‘political coup’that exist in political science; to determine the sampling parameters on the content and structure of each concept and to carry out their clarification.When working on definitions of these concepts generally we used scientific methods of system analysis and synthesis, political science methods: structural and functional comparison. As a result of this work the author has refined the reasonable definition of ‘military coup’, ‘government coup’ and ‘political coup’. The conceptual basis of the concepts are determined in this article. The aim of these concepts is to provide planned, organized, containing elements of abruptness which leads to destruction the existing political power in violation of constitutional and legal norms and principles, accompanied by force or threat of it straight. 

Author Biography

O. V. Mezhenskaya, Luhansk Taras Shevchenko national university


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