Media consumption features of different social groups (by the example of Zaporizhzia city)

  • F. S. Khrustaliov Classical private university
Keywords: media consumption, new media, cyberspace, social media, mass media, symbolic consumption, consumer society


New media is quickly entering into Ukrainian society. It took less than a quarter of a century to take the second place after TV, which in its turn needed almost a hundred years to take its place in our life. By the ability to transfer information in various forms (text, images, audio, video) Internet have been displacing other mass media from the social life. As the communicational environment, cyber space transmits formed inside it values, which are often associated with acts of symbols consumption, also created in the network.Due to the fast changes in the dynamics of new media features, the constant monitoring and research in this sphere seems to be perspective direction to explore within modern sociology. The article discusses the features of the modern media consumption in the Ukrainian society. The trends associated with the development of new media, the advent of cyberspace and mobile technologies were analyzed. In the article were made the assumptions about the influence of social media on young people, who are most engaged with the consumption of new media.

Author Biography

F. S. Khrustaliov, Classical private university


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