The political aspects of human trafficking

  • N. M. Lukach Львівський національний університет імені Івана Франка
Keywords: human trafficking, human smuggling, illegal immigration, globalization, border functions, transnational criminal groups


The article presents complex, systematic  study of the political aspects of human trafficking. Today human trafficking gained the grand scale of its spreading and it has affected almost all European countries and their neighboring regions. Nowadays there are a lot of kinds and forms of human exploitation. Although slavery was abolished in 1957, today human exploitation is still widespread both in traditional form and in more modern ones. So «trading in personality» is the feature of the economy of the late XX century.The expediency of analysis of the negative impacts of globalization and illegal immigration in the context of the problem is identified. Globalization has engrossed almost all spheres of human life nowadays and has affected not only economic, political and social processes but also those ones which are connected with activity of criminal groups giving them transboundary nature.Very often human trafficking is confused with illegal migration since both phenomena are connected with shadow economy and they constantly fuel corruption, money laundering, hindering economic and democratic development of society. Human traffickers use illegal migration and people smuggling for providing more profits because they don’t need to spend significant money on documents production, legalization, insurance and other items required by law.The negative international results of human trafficking are researched by the author. Namely, problems of governance organization that are created by powerful criminal groups of human traffickers and smugglers, mass stay of a significant number of non­citizens in the country; formation of the negative international image of the origin, destination or transit country as the state which is unable to counter effectively illegal migration and human trafficking.

Author Biography

N. M. Lukach, Львівський національний університет імені Івана Франка


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