Formation of gender parity democracy in Ukraine: status and prospects

  • I. I. Prokopchuk National aviation university
Keywords: gender, gender equality, the Millennium Development Goals, gender parity democracy, gender equality indicators


In 2000, at the Millennium Summit at UN adopted the Millennium Development Goals , which cover global problems and are calculated for the period 2000­2015 years. Ukraine has signed the Millennium Development Goals and has taken over the political commitment to implement them. One of the goals of this international instrument provides for the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women. Тhe global goals, objectives and indicators adapted to the peculiarities of Ukraine on the basis of national development. For the analysis of qualitative and quantitative measurements of changes in gender conditions in politics and public administration in Ukraine at present of the experts proposed one objectives and three indicators. Objective: To provide a gender ratio of at least 30 to 70% of either gender in representative bodies and high­level executive. Indicators: 1) Gender ratio among deputies of the Supreme soviet of Ukraine , women / men ( or vice versa) , and 2) the gender ratio among members of local authorities , women / men ( or vice versa) , and 3) the gender ratio among senior civil servants (1­2 categories) , women / men ( or vice versa). In 2015, Ukraine should report at the United Nations on the implementation of the MDGs. In this paper, the author analyzed the state of gender equality in politics and governance in Ukrainian society. One of the main problems of the present stage of gender equality in politics and public administration in Ukraine the author notes : no systematic gender mainstreaming to implement personnel policies in the civil service at the central and local level; the lack of effective state control over observance of gender equality, not provided the institutional legal mechanisms for gender equality; and without the current regulatory framework on gender turns into an empty declaration; the lack of political will to implement the goals of gender equality. The author of the article provides recommendations on optimal ways of gender parity democracy in Ukraine , in particular: the adoption of the law on gender quotas ; review of indicators of gender equality upwards for thorough measurement processes of gender equality in Ukrainian society; massive gender education in Ukrainian society to overcome gender stereotypes; monitoring not only the state but also the public and informing the public annually on the status , problems and measures for gender equality in Ukraine.


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Author Biography

I. I. Prokopchuk, National aviation university
PhD in political science, associate professor


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