Correlation between modernization and counter-modernization components of islam: statement of the problem

  • Y. Y. Medviedieva National aviation university
Keywords: islam, modernization, kontrmodernization, westernization


The article deals with the relation of modernization and counter components of modernization in Islam. The author stated that the feature of Islam was and still is the fusion of the spiritual and temporal power, ierokratii and political administration. In one of the Islamic countries did not have an organized church, which would be the institutional and separate from the state. In practice, this leads to the merging of the Muslim clergy of interest with the administrative policy of the government. «Misalliance» between them there rather improbable fiction than everyday social and practical. In the Muslim world and never had a church, which is on the level of korporatizovanosti priesthood have likened the Catholic and Orthodox churches, religious and defending the interests of the church clergy, that would be delimited by ordinary believers. Unlike Christianity, Islam was formed in the conditions of the primitive society, which was also characteristic of religious and political holism in the aspect of intertwining of political and religious leadership of the Emirate and Caliphate with the charismatic warlordism. These circumstances make it difficult to unilateral reception values of Western culture and creates the preconditions for the adaptation of the secular institutions of the economy, education, medicine, etc. a trinity of «religion-politics-society».

Author Biography

Y. Y. Medviedieva, National aviation university
doctoral candidate


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