Sociological analysis of the problem of unemployment among Ukrainian youth

  • O. O. Didukh National aviation university
  • M. V. Prymak National aviation university
  • R. S. Ovsiannikov National aviation university
Keywords: structure of unemployment, young people of Ukraine, the employment service, support entrepreneurship


This article provides a sociological analysis of the problem of unemployment among modern Ukrainian youth. Despite the low unemployment rate in Ukraine compared with European levels, youth is a special category in which the problem of employment has a distinct character and needs permanent state monitoring and policy youth employment as part of total employment policies in the country. Continuously declining proportion of young people to the total population. In Ukraine, for the last ten years the number dropped from her 22 to 20%. According to all forecasts, this trend will continue. With various sociological studies reviewed in detail the structure of unemployment among Ukrainian youth. According to 2015 only 9% of young people are unemployed. The big problem is recognized low employment opportunities in the chosen specialty. A major problem completely for all graduates, regardless of their theoretical training, enterprises consider isolation of knowledge from practice unprepared to work in real business and a lack of understanding of how the business works. Thus it is necessary to orient the student during the training in higher education with the requirements of the employer. The analysis of the youth labor market in Ukraine showed that the highest levels of unemployment  youthful equip individuals 24 years of age, it gives reason to include young people in this age groupe highest risk for difficulties first search of employment are not only with general economic and political crises, but also to the volatility of attitudes of young people, too ambitious position of young workers from the essence of practical skills and experience and, consequently, low professional status.The effect on the structure of youth unemployment factors such as age groups and distribution activities. Found that the most vulnerable to unemployment is the age group 15-24 years. Much attention is given to matching the level of education of young people and requirements of employers to their employees. Revealed that the necessary correction of the entire education system. Thus, the main conclusion is significant opportunity to improve the efficiency of the State Employment Center as one of the basic tools of the modern state youth policy. Proposed as an important step to regulate the problem of youth unemployment improvement of the State Employment Service, which should appeal to the international experience and to reform the mechanism of state support for entrepreneurship by providing incentives, subsidies or state aid to business expansion and others. That young people are the most responsive to the psychological perception of new technologies entrepreneurship.

Author Biographies

O. O. Didukh, National aviation university
M. V. Prymak, National aviation university
R. S. Ovsiannikov, National aviation university


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