Church’s influence on the development of civil society in Ukraine

  • M. V. Melnyk Ukrainian Social Academy
Keywords: Church, state, democratization, civil society, religion, morality and society


The term church refers to a group of people governed by similar rules and beliefs, who congregate in recognition of a higher Being. In most cases the term church and religion are used synonymously. While religions is domesticated by morals that are illuminated by faith, most states are guided by politics whose orientation is generally practical empirical. In most cases the church. Church institutions have long been not only present in public life but directly influence the activity of the Ukrainian authorities. Therefore, the Church has long been performing a mediation mission in settlement of the socio-political conflict in Ukraine, with different intensity going on since the declaration of its independence. That mission lies in the formation of philosophic and moral perceptions of children and adults, inoculation of tolerance / intolerance, etc. The features of the democratization of the political process in Ukraine and the religious factors influence the formation of a consolidated democracy. It is noted that in today’s political democratization process involves the institutionalization of power and expanding the role of non-political non-governmental actors, which include the religious association. This paper therefore intends to evaluate the relationship between church and civil society in Ukraine. This paper falls under cross cutting themes like religion, values and civil society. However, the start of the transitional period in Ukraine was rather marked with a religious revival. Suppressed by the previous regime, religion in the transition to democracy finally found a way to make itself visible and redefine its position in the new emerging social context. But, what role did religion play in the period of post-communist transition? The authors will employ philosophical methodology. This method involves analyzing issues and rationalizing. The data that will be used includes mainly secondary data. This includes information that is obtained from libraries like books with relevant information, periodicals like journals and newspapers and even the internet sources.

Author Biography

M. V. Melnyk, Ukrainian Social Academy
PhD in political science


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