The political culture of students youth of O. Honchar’ DNU

  • G. G. Udzhmadzhuridze The Oles Honchar Dnepropetrovsk national university
Keywords: political culture, political consciousness, political behavior, political activism, democratic, civil society


The article is devoted to investigation of political culture of O. Honchar DNU’s students. The author uses the basic theoretical principles of the concept of political culture in the construction of methodical and methodological model of studies of students’ political culture. The author taking into account the features of the transitional nature of Ukrainian society. The political culture is defined as a system of individuals internalized knowledge, experiences and assessments to political sphere. The history of the concept of political culture starts in the 50s years of XX century, as an attempt to justify a pattern of behavior of individuals in the political sphere. Based on the transitional nature of Ukrainian society the article proposes to use a methodical and methodological achievements of the Institute of sociology of NAS of Ukraine. The author gives a typology of political culture which is based on the using of scales of democracy/totalitarianism, activity/passivity of the individuals. The four types of political culture of students are given by the author. Given model of typology of political culture allows to consider the presence of a behavioral element associated with the conscious participation of citizens in political life of society. To conduct the study, the author used the method of questionnaire to collect empirical material. The author has made changes and additions to the standardized questions that were used in the research project «European social survey» in 2012 and «Ukrainian society» in 2014. The conducted empirical survey found that 87,3% of the students of DNU have the passive democratic political culture. The study revealed the presence of high protest potential among students of DNU. According to the survey the vast majority of students of DNU did not take neither passive nor active participation in «Revolution of Dignity»; also it is tracked the absolute predominance of democratic political orientations among the DNU’s students. It is revealed the influence of such factors on the formation of political culture of students as: education of parents, a certain belief, material status of the family. However, it is found out that the political culture of students of DNU is not depend on the native language of communication, or the country of origin of their parents. 

Author Biography

G. G. Udzhmadzhuridze, The Oles Honchar Dnepropetrovsk national university


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