Verbal and behavioral social practices in the context of labour adaptation and maladjustment of the mentally ill

  • O. F. Pironkova Classical private university
Keywords: social practices, verbal and behavioral practices, the mentally ill, the medical staff, stigma, labor adaptation


Labor adaptation of the mentally ill depends on applied from the verbal and behavioral practices. The orientation of society to the acceptance of the mentally ill as subjects of the labor market leads to employment adaptation of the latter. Often, when you save labor ability and desire to work, mentally sick person remains unemployed due to biased attitude of society. In fact, society, as a result of historically acquired and culturally-related reasons, in the absence of medical justification, deny mentally ill people the right to work at all, or the right to work on individual activities. The aim of this work was to establish the specific verbal social interaction practices with the mentally ill in the context of their labour market adaptation. Was held an opinion poll and questionnaire survey among the employees of psychiatric institutions of Ukraine. It was attended by 505 respondents with an average age of 41.6 years, among which approximately 20.6% male, 79.4% women. By education of the respondents was determined as follows: with higher education – 21.6% of the respondents, secondary – 76,5 %, average – 1.9 percent; by qualification level: doctors of 16.9 %, nurses – 76.8 %, orderlies – 6.2 %. In the results of the research made possible to conclude about the dominance of stigmatizing verbal social practices towards the mentally ill in contemporary Ukrainian society, including among such determining social opinion concerning the mentally ill category, as the medical staff of psychiatric hospitals. Existing social practices are damaging the mentally ill character and condition of their employment discrimination. The results show an undeniable and urgent need to reform the social thought regarding the mentally ill for the purpose of socialization and vocational rehabilitation. 

Author Biography

O. F. Pironkova, Classical private university
PhD in sociology, doctoral candidate


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