Features of changes structure of the ukrainian society in globalization process

  • L. V. Glushkova Dneprodzerzhinsk state technical university
Keywords: ukrainian transformations, social development, control system, modernization of society, social classes


In the articles considered separate aspects of structural changes in Ukrainian society, that touch social, economic, political spheres, system social transformations that does not equate only with political modernization, problem of in a civilized manner-civilization changes of public life, that arise up in the new terms of globalization, id est spheres of changes, experimentation, choice of new directions of development. Paid attention to the structural changes, forming of new class formations from data of researches of businessmen, businessmen, proprietors of five percents, highly skilled specialists and intelligentsia about eighteen percents, workers about twenty percents et cetera.[5],basic criteria are what inherent transitional Ukrainian society and influence on the processes of social differentiation, that comes forward forming of middle class person cultural stabilizator in society and is the transmitter of new informative civilization. Problems that is related to realization of fundamental aims are analysed. In the new conditions of reforming Ukrainian society, the study of transformational processes that are taking place and associated with the new conditions of globalization changes is urgent as these changes affect all the fundamentals of society's life in the political, economic and social spheres. In this sense, it is necessary to consider the problems of structuring Ukrainian society, which is due to the formation of new layers, classes and groups, new status-role relationships of the individual, changes in social identification, that is, the need to study transformation processes that are accompanied by socio-structural transformations, are taking place in all post-soviet countries and at the same time a number of features that are inherent in modern processes of Ukrainian society, therefore, according to many scholars, it is relevant to focus on the these aspects.

Author Biography

L. V. Glushkova, Dneprodzerzhinsk state technical university
PhD in history, associate professor


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