Potential of human health in the modern conditions

  • O. V. Dobryden Dnepropetrovsk medical academy of health Ministry of Ukraine
Keywords: health, consumer society, mass culture, decentration, selftreatment, imaginary illness


This article proves that man’s relationship to their health  in each case have varying traits under the influence of sociocultural, psychological and physiological factors  which the world outlook is created from childhood, which implies the appropriate type of behavior that is fixed through the media and social authorities. It is established that scientific knowledge should not be against a man, and should enhance the power of man over nature, but can be transformed into a powerful weapon against humanity. It is noted that science is neutral in terms of values. Will it carry a positive or negative charge to human health depends on the social and cultural markers specific historical era and behavior of the individual. It was found that in addition to the economic crisis, which requires long-term joint economic and political transformations, the most important factor and more accessible to maintaining high adaptive potential health functions at all levels is valeological literacy social subjects and, therefore, imperative the systematic distribution of hygiene recommendations is a significant component of preventive medicine. With the growth of social and technological factors with their aggressive effect on psychophysiological state of man is seen timely more  talk even not about health in general, but should talk about  potential health, which underlines  the  difficulties adaptive and protective processes and susceptibility factors and resistance to pathological changes in the human body. All the more so when we following the formal standards of medicine is unlikely, unfortunately, we be found absolutely healthy people. Under the proposed potential health understood as a set of quantitative and qualitative structural and functional characteristics of the organism, which determine the level of adaptation and protection of human capabilities in adverse conditions, internal and external environment. It is proposed to examine potential health following levels: personal health potential of a particular social entity, group health potential (groups by age, gender, place of residence, social status, ethnicity, education, occupation, etc.), potential health society (population as a whole, society certain countries). Also, be aware that the effects of experiencing psychological, physiological, social and spiritual potential health components.

Author Biography

O. V. Dobryden, Dnepropetrovsk medical academy of health Ministry of Ukraine
PhD in philosophy, associate professor


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