Historical and philosophical discourse phenomenon of social reality

  • Y. S. Kravtsov Dneprodzerzhinsk state technical university
Keywords: transformation of Society, a new social ontology, meaning and concept of reality in philosophy and science of modern times, G. Hegel’s philosophical search «reality», the classic paradigm of society, phenomenology as sub’yektical social ontology, рostn


In the article the author gives a theoretical generalization to determine the phenomenon of social reality in the context of historical and philosophical discourse, is reflected in the implementation of new approaches to the analysis of social reality, as well as comprehensive understanding of social transformations through the prism of the system components of the society. According to the author this makes it possible to offer a complementary vision of the social reality in which society is represented as a special dimension of human existence. The study of social reality as an object of philosophical reflection, the author presented as having some sort of social objectivity, which is both a condition and a field of human activity, like any other social subject. The concept of reality has enormous explanatory power, appeal to him knowledge at each new stage of development is absolutely natural. The author believes that modern social knowledge focuses on communication, dialogue intersubjectivity, which is achieved identity and self­identity of the individual, because they are not important success, and the search for mutual understanding between the different social acto.                            

Author Biography

Y. S. Kravtsov, Dneprodzerzhinsk state technical university
doctor of philosophical sciences, Full Prof.


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