Industrialization of western region of ukraine: problems of environmental consequences management

  • O. M. Malyarchuk Ivano-Frankivsk National technical university of oil and gas
Keywords: western region, industrialization, natural resources, ecology, citizens


The article focuses on the consequences of industrialization of the western region of the Ukrainian SSR – large-scale construction industry provided jobs for the active population of the region, led to the expansion of infrastructure of settlements and towns, strengthened social sphere and became a positive factor for the development of the western regions of Ukraine. However, due to the increased production capacity natural resources got depleted. The ability of ecosystems to self-healing and self-cleaning was not taken into account, which caused devastating impact on nature and human health. Uncontrolled industrial pollution of air, water and land resources became a common phenomenon for the urbanized western region. Promoting environmental knowledge and declaration of achievement of significant progress in official documents gave no mechanisms to solve environmental problems. Overcoming the difficulties of the past is connected with the Ukraine had been being a part of the USSR. The leading place took environmental issues. Poor environmental condition of the whole country was not only caused by the world’s largest man-made disaster on the Chernobyl nuclear plant in April 1986, but also intensive industrialization and collectivization. Full conversion of the economy and agriculture in the middle of the last century led to the growth of anthropogenic impact on the environment. A radical break steady of socio-political and socio-economic life took place in western Ukraine in the second half of the twentieth century. Party-Soviet government in a short time made a «socialist transformation» and social progress was considered only as a means to achieve this goal. A number of issues concerning environmental protection, safety of life, were ignored. Environmental protection, regulation of environmental and economic activities, guaranteeing rights of Ukrainian citizens to environmental safety is currently among the national priorities of the development of Ukrainian independent state. Economic and social difficulties should not be a threat to the region, taking into account inherent in the previous decades, environmental problems – chemicals, artificial reservoirs, sewage pollution, dumping of dangerous waste products (hexachlorobenzene!), Sosnowskyi сow parsnip and many others.


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Author Biography

O. M. Malyarchuk, Ivano-Frankivsk National technical university of oil and gas
PhD in historical science, associate professor


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