Secularization and change of function of religion in modern society

  • Y. Y. Medviedieva National aviation universityy
Keywords: secularization, modernization, social functions of religion


The article is devoted to the problem of determining the principles of sociological reflection of secularization as a prerequisite for the formation of bourgeois society. Author concluded that the traditional ways of seeing the world in terms of secularization were replaced profane and scientific outlook. For this reason, it can be argued that spirituality and divinity no longer perceived as constantly present in the environment, and their attributes are shifting to social movements, leading to the replacement of interpersonal relations man with Supreme mediating force communities. Given the secularized social, people considering themselves religious, religious assess the impact on their lives as less important compared to past eras. Thus, social life is more and more exposed reducing the influence of religion and churches as secular beliefs and secularism in outlook continuously enhanced Western suspilstv.Z other hand, describes the process of secularization out institutional churches outside those areas that were controlled by them or under their influence. It first appeared in the separation of church and state, and the expropriation of church property and territories in the 18th century. As a result, churches and religious institutions have lost their wealth, prestige and influence in society. The decrease their political and social influence, even in our present century, is quite obvious. 

Author Biography

Y. Y. Medviedieva, National aviation universityy
doctoral candidate


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