Strategies of institutional minimization of the impact of political familism on the political process in Ukraine

  • A. S. Sambros V. N. Karazin Kharkiv national university
Keywords: political familizm, corruption, anti-corruption policy, reforms, Singapore, Georgia, political will, legislation


This article analyzes the typical effects of the impact of political familizm on the political process in Ukraine. It is concluded that in general the essence of this phenomenon is negative. Therefore, in order to highlight examples of effective anti-familistic strategiesthe paper studies the existing international experience – from public documents such UN Convention against corruption to examples of specific states. The subject of the current research is the policy of states, which are considered as global (Singapore) and regional (Georgia) samples of the anti-familistic movement. We analyze the historical path of these countries – from the critical development of political familizm to the successful anti-familistic reforms with their subsequent consolidation of the institutional body of state. Accordingly, the research defines the possibility and the expected effectiveness of implementation of existing examples of institutional minimizationof political familizm in Ukrainian political realities basing on the advantages and disadvantages of current anti-familistic methods. The paperalso analyzes the expected impact of the Law of Ukraine regarding the public funding of political parties as one of the possible means of minimization of political familizm.


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Author Biography

A. S. Sambros, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv national university


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