Political reforms in Ukraine: the transition from transformation to modernization

  • V. I. Parlyk Mariupol state university
Keywords: modernization, political transformation, «syndrome modernization», demodernization, political reforms


Article is devoted to the analysis of intrinsic characteristics of process of political reforms in the conditions of a difficult situation in the political sphere of the Ukrainian society, and also to definition of the main potential directions of further changes. Essential global political transformation is creation of sovereign, independent Ukraine. It is possible to say that passed formation of branches of the power, parliament, institute of the President absolutely new the then. Gradually there was a multi-party system, the public and political organizations were created. In 1996 the Constitution was adopted. But lack of political consolidation of a political class (elite), fight for positions, ignoring of interests of a wide people at large, use of political forces of other states for internal political fight made all these achievements purely formal. The present stage of development of the state is characterized by a permanent crisis situation which covers the political sphere. The analysis of works of scientists (M. Mikhalchenko, V.P. Gorbatenko, M.O. Palamarchuk, V. Trachuk and others) allowed us to characterize problems and the reasons of the Ukrainian model of political modernization. In article the conclusion that transformation of political institutes in Ukraine wasn’t reinforced by the modernization and failed. It occurred according to characteristics, provided for the countries with the authoritative and totalitarian past and is characterized by incompleteness, unevenness, instability of many processes, existence of a large number of risks and derogations from basic options of transformations.

Author Biography

V. I. Parlyk, Mariupol state university
senior lecturer


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