Features electoral behavior of inhabitants of Zaporozhye region: 2010-2014 years. Sociological aspect

  • A. A. Ashurbekov Classical private university
Keywords: electoral behavior, social change, «Еuromaidan» regional political mentality


Over 2010­2014 Ukraine took place in five election campaigns of various sizes, the results of which led to significant transformations in both the political sphere and in the life of Ukrainian society. These elections were important differences between them. The differences lie in the traditional aspects (intensity campaign, campaign techniques, etc.) and specific, predefined transformations of the political system and the entire Ukrainian society. The article examines the transformation of electoral behavior inhabitants of Zaporozhye region for the period from 2010 to 2014 an analysis of factors that shape the regional characteristics of electoral behavior, describes the current trends and forecasts are given for public participation in future election campaigns. In the article focuses on the specifics of the political mentality of voters Zaporozhye region, characterized by a certain distance the population from political and government institutions, as manifested in a significant reduction in appearance, manifestation of conservative guidance in the selection of political parties and candidates. The analysis shows that at this stage the main national political players do not take into account the peculiarities of mentality of a significant number of voters Zaporozhye region. It also positioning these parties do not meet specific social and cultural features of the region.


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