The specifics of marketing in strategic planning of election campaigns in Ukraine

  • O. Y. Shinkarenko Melitopol state pedagogical university of Bohdan Khmelnitsky
Keywords: strategic planning, marketing approach, varieties of electoral strategies


The article considers a number of issues related to common approaches to strategic planning of election campaigns and its specificity in the conditions of modern Ukraine. Examines the role of strategic planning in the process of organizing and conducting election campaigns, various types of strategies used. Provides information on the types of strategies that were used by Ukrainian political parties and blocs in the election period of 2014 to the Verkhovna Rada.In the article the analysis of some (the problem is very wide, to talk about the possibility completely to solve it within a short studies) key aspects of strategic planning of election campaigns. And, on the other hand, examples of the use of such approaches in recent election campaigns to be implemented in Ukraine. Strategic planning of election campaigns stands as the most important aspect of their organization, which defines the content of the campaign, we have what you need to send a potential electorate to vote a certain way. The development strategy of the campaign is a necessary stage of its organization, requires the use of experienced creative professionals and a number of methods and technologies designed to achieve the desired candidate or political party participating in the election result. Distinguish the different types and varieties of election campaign strategies, which vary according to the type of elections, the resources, the order of candidates on the configuration of the election campaign, used substantive and technological approaches, as well as the rhythm of the implementation of the election campaign. Determined that in parliamentary elections in 2014, all parties entered the Parliament, including the Opposition bloc, has used various strategies that in some way determined their electoral success.


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