Public organizations in the Ukrainian and international science

  • D. Y. Arabadjyiev Zaporizhzhya national technical university
Keywords: public organizations, philosophical, civil society, historical, economic, law


Public organizations’ studying is an object of political scientists’, sociologists’, economists’, philosophers’ and other scholars’ interest in connection with this kind of organizations institutionalization in our society. In modern domestic and foreign literature on public organizations are considered mostly in applied aspects. There is still no comprehensive look at the approaches to the public organizations’ research. In our time, there are several major theoretical approaches in public organizations’ study that is caused with the subject area of one or another branch of science. These are philosophical, historical, economic, law approaches. Each of these approaches is characterized by attention to different aspects of NGOs’ development. However, the study of public organizations in selected areas of knowledge is somewhat one­sided as directs its efforts on only one aspect of the study, which ultimately leads to the lack of complex ideas about the public organizations’ nature modern science. This greatly reduces the possibility of using the accumulated knowledge about public organizations in practice. This situation determines the need to find integrated approaches to public organizations’ research, on the one hand, and a clear understanding of the feasibility of using a particular approach in the context of public organizations’ research ­ on the other hand.


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