Conceptual basis of preventing and combating human trafficking in Ukraine

  • N. M. Lukach Ivan Franko national university of Lviv
Keywords: human trafficking, prevent, combating, conceptual foundations, globalization, transnational criminal groups


The activities of international organizations against human trafficking is considered in the article. Today human trafficking gained the grand scale of its spreading and affected all countries and regions, including Ukraine. Nowadays there are a lot of kinds and forms of human exploitation. Human trafficking has put the challenge to the international community and calls for its immediate resolution. Combating human trafficking are at all levels from global to regional and national. The international community is constantly being developed and improved institutional mechanisms and conceptual basis of combating human trafficking. The special actuality of combating human trafficking problem gets in the context of the current instability military andpolitical situation in Ukraine. The basic mechanisms and instruments of international community against human trafficking are explored by the author and also the ways of solving problems is proposed. In the article based on the international experience of combating human trafficking and the latest national legislation conceptual basics of preventing and counteracting human trafficking in Ukraine are examined. Including: improvement of laws against human trafficking and improvement of law enforcement; changing the the status of persons and support for persons from risk groups; increasing the level of public awareness, especially persons from risk groups; the qualified help to victims of trafficking.


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