Ukrainian higher education in the format of Bologna process: trends and issues

  • E. A. Khomeriki National aviation university
Keywords: higher education reform, Bologna process


The article deals with the process of reforming higher education taking place in the context of integration processes in order to create a unified European educational space. The author substantiates the position that Ukraine has chosen the European path of development, and the assimilation of European values is  an important step on the road to the European way of life. This is particularly evident in the student body, which at this stage is the most involved in the process of Europeanization of higher education. Also to reform higher education in Ukraine may highlight certain difficulties that are primarily related to the difference in the mentality of the Ukrainians and the Europeans that caused quite a long stay in Ukraine in the cultural field of the Soviet Union. In addition, many reforms simply require time to conduct a thorough and finance that today it is difficult to provide. The author insists that for the full harmonization of the process of transformation, it is important to remember that the best result gives the education that is born in the interaction of the teacher, the student and technologies. This consciousness and responsibility of the latter is the main key to effective training, because the student personally knows and feels exactly what he wants to achieve through education and what efforts must be applied in order to realize their own aspirations. As the reconciliation between «for» and «against» joining the Bologna process can be considered and the position of the need to moderate the implementation of international, and in fact, the Western educational standards and preserve the traditions of the national education system as a whole. In addition, many reforms simply require time to conduct a thorough and finance that today it is difficult to provide.


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