Tavria state agrotechnological university

  • N. V. Shcherbakova Таврический государственный агротехнологический университет
Keywords: value orientations of young people, the institution of the family, the state, the value system of the consciousness of the young generation, transformation, contradictions, spiritual standards, ethics


It can be argued that life priorities of young people, including student ones, are not yet well established, therefore, have a certain ability to transformation. In turn, the family has a huge influence on the processes of changes in the value system of young people, in addition, the institution of the family has an impact on shaping the personality of almost every representative of the younger generation. It is necessary to consider the role of the state in the preparation of the family Institution to perform educational functions. The essence of this role is to prepare parents for the process of education, in other words, to increase the level of their pedagogical culture. This is because most parents do not have pedagogical education. Therefore there is a contradiction: the older generation is actively engaged in education without having any methods or tools for this process. In fact, some ways to resolve the conflict are the basic content of this article. In the future, the resolution of this contradiction, will transform social relations so that they were based on spiritual norms, which, in turn, will lead to the preservation and further development of Ukrainian culture, and society in general.


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