Geopolitics as theoretical basis of modern Russian state ideology

  • V. O. Taran Zaporizhzhya state university
Keywords: Russian state ideology, geopolitics, globalization, polycentrism, neoimperialism, expan­sionism, Eurasianism, autocracy, messianism


In the article some aspects of Russian state ideology are analysed as fundamental theoretical basis and political strategy of modern Russia. Taking into account a danger which is carried in itself by aggressive character of such policy not only for Ukraine but also world community, there is of interest the researching of ideological and geopolitical sources of forming Russian ideology. The author examines this process in a historical context, tracing rich in content constituent of its positions on the key stages of development of the Russian state system:  epoch of tsar’s Russia, soviet days and post­communist period.  The internal and external factors of influence are probed on base positions of this ideology, its ability to adapt to the different social and political systems, and also organic connection with Uvarov`s triad Autocracy – Orthodoxy – Nationality and conception of Russian Eurasianism. The special attention is paid to the orientation of  base postulates of this ideology on Antiwestiny, antidemocracy, justification of thesis about the uniqueness of Russian orthodox civilization, messianic role of the Russian culture, right to protection of the «Russian world», zenophobia and others like that. A problem is probed from positions of geopolitical approach, which enables not only to find out the rich in content constituents of official ideology in RF  but also it organic connection with imperial nature and strategy of the modern Russian state.


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