Faith as existential

  • V. V. Limonchenko Drohobych I. Franko state pedagogical university
Keywords: faith, reason, meeting, transcendental, existential, experience


This article is an attempt to consider faith as a principle of Christian anthropology, that is based on its rootedness in the experience of religious life. The authors aim is to explicate belief’s dimentions not according to belief and reason comparing when they either coordinate well with one another or are opposed to one another, not from the exploring its reasons. The author confirms that its neccessary to inerpret belief as the way of enriching personal experience, when it becomes possible «to see God as him» (arch. Sophroniy (Saharov)). The phenomenon of faith is introduced into the space of thought through categorical pairs of «faith­knowledge» and «faith­mind», to a certain extent fixed scholastic theology, but there is another path specified mystical theology. In this case, the path of knowledge of God is presented as a way of love, the path leading to the transformation, rebirth, resurrection. More comprehensive faith manifests its semantic aspects when it is not taken as a category, as well as existential.


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