Trade union policy of the Ukrainian left Galicia in the interwar period

  • I. I. Begej Lviv institute of banking the University of banking of the National Bank of Ukraine
Keywords: Trade unions, Professional levita, Ukrainian social democratic party(USDP), Ukrainian social­radical party(mszmp), the Communist party of Western Ukraine(cpwu), Peasant­labor socialist Union(«SELGROS»), the Ukrainian labor party(UPP), the Communist party


The proposed article is a logical addition to the study of the author of «Trade Union policy of the  ukrainian social­democratic party at the time of its formation» (Faces, 2015, No. 2). It continued analysis of trade Union policy USDP in the new conditions of the inter­war occupation of Poland, Western Ukraine, further social and national oppression in its territory  ukrainians, representatives of national minorities authorities and public institutions. If before the First world USDP was essentially the only  ukrainian left force that opposed the struggle for Polish trade unions left in the interwar period this confrontation, she received not only support, but also stronger competitors in the face of the  ukrainian social­radical party (mszmp), the Communist party of Western Ukraine(cpwu), Peasant­worker socialist Association («SELGROS»). At the same time on the trade Union field, there is another player ­ the  ukrainian nationalists, who criticized the  ukrainian left for lack of work on Ukrainization of the trade Union movement. Comparative analysis of the development of the trade Union movement in Galicia after the First world war shows that he has become much more widespread phenomenon than it was before, it was attended by most of the  ukrainian workers and a significant part of public and private officials, intellectuals and students. Polish leftists tried to move Zentralstelle (nternationally) the principle of the Austrian social­Democrats on the organizational structure of trade unions in the Second Commonwealth for Polonization napolact, particularly  ukrainians. Nternationally approach also confessed cpwu, Pro until 1924. USDP, they created a Professional Levita. Despite the fact that the majority of  ukrainian workers appeared not to sapolsky trade unions, and in the  ukrainian professional organizations. But, unfortunately, they were not accepted in the international trade Union associations. This was explained by non­state status of the  ukrainian people.


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