Ukrainian higher education in terms of globalization: step back before leap forward or the way in a closed loop?

  • O. A. Khomeriki National aviation university
Keywords: education, globalization, competitiveness of universities, the quality of education


The article deals with the peculiarities of formation of  ukrainian education system in the context of globalization and European integration. Around the higher education grouped many of the key issues of globalization, internationalization strategy; transnational education; providing international quality; entrepreneurial approaches for education; Кegional and international cooperation; information and communication technologies and virtual schools; the emergence of new educational mediators ­ education providers, issues of equality and access to education and so on. It should be noted that higher education can influence globalization, forming a line of future policy and region. In this context, this article reviews the main factors shaping the education market in Ukraine, which should help to achieve a balance between supply and demand in the labor market. The author considers the social, economic, psychological characteristics of  ukrainian education system integration to the European educational space and investigates ways to increase the competitiveness of  ukrainian universities, including states that are the main indicators of the competitiveness of certain universities and can serve the interest of potential employers. The author concludes that the formation of the education market in Ukraine is possible by achieving a balance between supply and demand in the labor market. It is important the understanding that the education market is a comprehensive education which is not limited to the activities of the university.


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