The phenomenon of ukrainezation as factor of national consolidation the ukrainian society

  • D. P. Krasnoseletskiy Khmelnytsky humanitarian and pedagogic academy
Keywords: ukrainezation, language question, ukrainian language, culture, identity, national ideology, Ukraine


In the article the question of genesis, modern state and prospects of realization of ukrainezation is reflected between the habitants of Ukrain. This politics can work out the problems of ethnoculture heterogeneity and political disconnection of Ukraine. We deal with double cultural ( ukrainian and Russian) authentication, in part – with double state authentication in most regions of Ukraine. But absolute majority of population of Ukraine count itself foremost by the citizens of Ukraine – 67,5.  ukrainian authentication prevails in all regions above Russian (except Donbas), however presence of two authentications in all regions of Ukraine (except Galychina), especially in south­east regions, creates considerable difficulties in realization of cultural and informative politics in the conditions of military opposition with Russia. Language problem until now the remain object of political speculations and does not serve as, in a complete measure, to national interests. National ideology is absent, when it must contest with vestiges of the past, ethnoethics complexes. These and other problems assist distribution of separate influenced, to development of «Russian word», that is extremely unacceptable for the state and his people. In the conditions of ukrainezation perceptibly influences on the processes of consolidation in our society, and also serves as a tool to forming of terms of national informative safety that extremely is a necessity for objective development our of our state.


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