State of development and changes to cultural policies in the amalgamated territorial communities of Ukraine

  • Bohdana Huriy Jesuit University Ignatianum
Keywords: cultural policy, amalgamated territorial communities (ATC), international programs, grants, legislative bodies, foundations, decentralization


In the article, we analysed the state of development of cultural policies in Amalgamated Territorial Communities (ATC) of Ukraine as well as the changes that have taken place in the cultural area in Ukraine. This was due to the activities of international grant programs, foundations and legislative organizations. We described the local situation in the ATC and detected their main cultural policies' problems. We also described the main stages of forming the international grant programs' sector, foundations and donors in the aforementioned area. We have identified the most active grant programs which operate in Ukraine. We defined that their activity supports discussion about the role of the culture, influences the processes of transformation and modernization of culture, and provides the possibilities for activists and specialists from the public sector to directly and transparently influence and advocate the cultural changes. The article presented results of the sociological research "The human rights-based approach to the content and implementation of cultural policies in Ukraine at ATC level". It was conducted with representatives of the "DOBRE" program, USAID, the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, «U-LEAD with Europe», the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, and four regional representatives’ non-public organisations. We concluded that the international grant programs, foundations, and legislative organizations support the ATC in the forming and conducting development strategies and service delivery standards, transparently conducting their activities and financial accountability, supporting the community's involvement in the main processes and changing stereotypical approaches to understanding the needs of different population categories in Ukraine's ATC. During the four years of their activity, there has been significant development of communities in terms of infrastructure and human development and community resources. In particular, it is connected with Equality and Human Rights principles, the involvement of all community actors in the processes taking place in society, and constant feedback from the public.


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