Project «South stream» – the unrealized ambitions of the nature gas monopoly

  • I. V. Beschasna The Oles Honchar Dnepropetrovsk national university
Keywords: gas pipeline, «South stream», Nabucco, gas hub, «Blue stream», «Southern gas corridor», transit of gas


In the presented article the author analyzes the denial the Russian Federation of the further implementation of the project «South Stream» and effects of changing the position of the nature gas monopolist by the position of a gas pipeline construction. For today there are two views on the future of the project ­ the pro­Russian and European. As part of the pro­Russian position is considered a project to build a new pipeline through Turkey, bypassing Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary. At the same time analyzes related to the termination of the European project, based on its position that from of «Gazprom» has not been formally notifying participants «South Stream» of its decision. In the article analyzes the reasons and consequences of termination of of building «South Stream». In particular, it is about strengthening the Russian­Turkish relations on the background the appearance of a new geopolitical triangle ­ Russia ­ Turkey ­ Azerbaijan. And the consequences of such cooperation for Turkey and Azerbaijan, and possible geopolitical changes in the region. Also analyzed the position of the European Community and variants of reduce the negative consequences of project failure for major European members ­ Bulgaria, Slovakia and Hungary.


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