Demographic situation in Ukraine in conditions of deep transformation of the economic crisis

  • O. P. Zorya Zaporozhya national technical university
Keywords: demographic status, social policy, economic crisis, population, mortality, fertility, natural decline


In presented article the author analyzes the impact of demographic situation in Ukraine in conditions of deep transformation of the economic crisis and individual aspects of quality of life of the population of Ukraine. The demographic situation in Ukraine worried politicians, sociologists, economists and ordinary citizens. However, in the wider communities dominated not very informed views regarding the causes of this crisis and, consequently, ways out of it. Improving the demographic situation can be expected only if the improvement in the economic situation in Ukraine, a Central role to play in this is: overcoming poverty, based on revenue growth and standard of living of the whole population; the reformation of labour, because it is here guiding levers reproductive and migration facilities; providing an effective employment, which has become a reliable guarantee an adequate standard of living not only for the workers, but also for his dependents. Socio­economic restructuring of society in Ukraine caused acute problems. Their solution involves the development of science­based comprehensive program of overcoming of demographic crisis, which would include not only the simple reproduction of the population, but also its development in a broad social context. Today, the attention of domestic sociologists is increasingly turning to the identification of certain factors, characteristics, characteristics of the demographic situation in Ukraine. The demographic factor is one of the key to ensuring a stable and secure state development, and the problems of optimal demographic development should be considered as the primary interests of the state as a factor and, at the same time, as a result of its functioning.


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