Legal regulators of strengthening altruism in ukrainian society

  • O. B. Feldman Kharkiv national pedagogical university H.S. Skovoroda
Keywords: altruism, right, legal consciousness, dignity of man, human right, civil society, philanthropy


In the article the legal mechanisms of strengthening altruism in Ukrainian society are analysed. Altruism constantly develops, acquires new forms under act of public relations. In modern Ukrainian society altruism must take the special place in institutionalization of human dignity and rights and freedoms of man, become the norm of social activity. In the article there is a necessity of perfection of normatively­legal base on the basis of principle of altruism, harmonization of relations between the state and civil society in the field of the altruism directed practices. Sharp social contradictions, estrangement of man, can be overcame only through claim of initial social values on principles of idea of dignity and human rights. There must be valuable partnership of the state and eleemosynary organizations in democratic society, creating favourable terms for opening public potential and directing of altruism activity of population. The special attention must be spared to providing of rights for invalids and defencing of them from discrimination. Prospects of Ukraine's entry into the European community, building a legal, democratic, social state are increasingly identified with altruistic-oriented social practices and corresponding cultural forms. At the same time, the contradiction between the deployment of socio-political and national development, the growth of the role of worldview and moral and legal values leads to the need to find optimal ways of functioning, enrichment, becoming a new quality of spirituality of people, their mentality, rational thinking, legal consciousness. In this regard, the formation of humanity, morally and unselfish attitude towards the world by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of moral and legal regulations is extremely important. Altruism must occupy a special place in the institutionalization of human dignity and human rights and freedoms, and become the norm of social activity. Therefore, an important direction of the development of law, aimed at strengthening altruism in Ukrainian society, is respect for human and citizen rights and freedoms, and increase the level of their legal protection. This causes a number of problems, one of which is the need for a profound meaningful understanding of the relationship between law and altruistic socio-cultural practices, the improvement of the regulatory framework based on the principle of altruism, harmonization of relations between state bodies and citizens in the field of altruistic practices, which determined the subject of research this article.


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