Legitimation of state power in the context of international relations

  • І. О. Михайлова Харківський національний університет міського господарства імені О. М. Бекетова
Keywords: legitimation, e-governance, democracy, information society


The relevance of the research topic is conditioned by the informatization of all spheres of social and politicallife, the transition of the world community to the era of information in all its manifestations under the influence ofthe latest information and communication technologies (ICT). Modern society is a very dynamic social system,which is characterized by multiple changes in the political, economic, social, cultural and other spheres. In thiscontext, research into the ways and tendencies of social development is of particular relevance, with the processof transforming the foundations and principles of political governance into a significant place. The politicalrealities of modern Ukraine demonstrate the existence of a wide range of problems, both with the governmentitself and with society. The traditional political apathy and the principle of non-interference that dominated thepublic opinion of the Soviet period are infinitely obsolete and do not meet the modern needs of a developedsociety. Today, there is an increasing need for specific theoretical and, more importantly, practical measuresaimed at a radical transformation of the political system of society, designed to improve the interaction betweengovernment and society, optimizing administrative processes. In order to match the quality of political processes with modern requirements, there is a need to involve thegeneral population in the stages of preparation and implementation of political decisions. At the same time, itis obvious that the realization of the basic foundations of direct democracy is impossible without the use of thelatest information and communication technologies. Nowadays, ICTs have become an integral part of moderntimes, on which not only the development of science and technology but also civil society depend. But one ofthe necessary prerequisites for the sustainable development of society is the possibility of a constructive dialoguebetween the authorities and citizens, involving the latter in the processes of making and making meaningfuldecisions. The goal, in particular, can be achieved through the introduction of an e-government system that isable to provide a new level of communication between citizens and the authorities, and unhindered access topublic information. In most scientific intelligence, the problem of e-government is considered mainly in thecontext of optimization of administrative processes, adaptation of outdated political systems to the needs ofthe present. However, insufficient attention is paid to identifying the conditions under which e-government willbecome a truly effective mechanism for strengthening public confidence in political power.


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