Economism, commercialization and massification of university education (on the example of american and european educational systems)

  • М. В. Стригуль Національний авіаційний університет
Keywords: society, University, sociology of education, commercialization, Institute, academic capitalism, entrepreneurial University, modernization


The main point of the article is to disclose the essence of the phenomena of economism, commercialization,and massification of the university education. It has been noted that the massification and especiallycommercialization of education are quite dangerous for the classical institute of education. The era ofglobalization, informatization and mass consumption affects significantly the development of educationalinstitutions. In addition, the last decades are characterized by the modernization of society and highereducation, focused on the development of market relations. As a result of higher education reforms, apeculiar environment of the commercial education has appeared, which requires the existence of new rulesof interaction, status-role relationships, value-normative formations. Commercialization, in fact, appears tobe a kind of challenge of our time; however, in society there are scientific disputes about how large-scalethis process is, what form it takes and how it affects the quality of educational services. Consideration ofthe American and European models of higher education makes it possible to understand the essence of theemergence in the scientific literature of such concepts as «Academic capitalism», «Market-type University»and «Entrepreneurial University», to analyze the emergence of private education, profit and to determinethe priority task of commercialization. ‘Academic capitalism’ is a policy of higher education aimed atthe transformation of universities from a center of liberal arts to the entrepreneurial periphery, where thescientific research is conducted exclusively with commercial purposes. The reasons for the emergenceof academic capitalism and entrepreneurial university have been defined in the article as they are verydifferent in society. On the one hand, universities need new sources of income in the context of reducedpublic funding, on the other - the companies themselves seek to remain competitive in global markets, theyare interested in new scientific knowledge and results that can provide universities for them. In general, thephenomena of entrepreneurship, the importance of entrepreneurial universities for the development of theeducational system, their extreme role in innovation, corporate culture and the transformation of the socialprocess as a whole have not been revealed in the sociological l iterature sufficiently.


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